Collection: THE COLOR CHARTS Paperback

Paperback color charts are collections of complete color charts allowing you to list all your fine arts materials.

They exist in different forms, in three main categories:

Colored pencil color charts including 17 pages of coded color charts, 10 pages of blank color charts, combo pages as well as trackers. Depending on the model, bookmarks, note pockets and envelopes of different samples of drawing paper allowing you to test them are also included.

Color Charts for other mediums including 7 categories (watercolor markers, pastels, paints, poscas, inks, etc.). Depending on the model, a color wheel, mix media card sleeves with a metal ring, as well as an envelope of different paper samples in other mediums allowing you to test them (watercolor, pastel, etc.) are also included.

The Deluxe Color Charts bring together the color charts from the two previous categories, allowing you to have a compact and complete tool.